What is GravityRAT

GravityRAT is a notorious remote access Trojan (RAT) that has been active since 2015. Originally targeted at Indian entities, it has now spread its reach globally, infecting hundreds of computers and stealing sensitive data from organizations. Typically spread through phishing emails, this malware is a serious threat to cybersecurity.


GravityRAT is a sophisticated RAT that uses various techniques such as steganography, code obfuscation, and anti-analysis measures to evade detection. It is capable of capturing keystrokes, taking screenshots, and recording audio and video inputs from the infected computer. The malware can also remotely access files, manipulate data, and even disrupt the functionality of the computer. The malware’s creators have also developed multiple variants, making it difficult for traditional antivirus software to detect and remove.


Recent reports indicate that GravityRAT has evolved to target mobile devices, specifically iPhones. It has been modified to bypass Apple’s strict security measures, making it a significant threat to both businesses and individuals.


The group behind the development of GravityRAT has not been identified, however, it is believed that they have ties to state-sponsored hacking groups. The malware’s primary targets include government agencies, financial institutions, and defense contractors. The group is also suspected of using GravityRAT for espionage purposes.


In conclusion, GravityRAT represents a significant cybersecurity risk to organizations across the globe. It is a highly sophisticated malware that is constantly evolving, making it difficult to detect and remove. Businesses and individuals must stay vigilant and implement the necessary measures to protect against such malware. This includes regularly updating antivirus software, avoiding suspicious emails and links, and following best practices for online security.

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